Youth Ministry

Hello, my name is Jonathan Griner and I’m the Youth Pastor at Lifespring. The purpose of this youth ministry is to encourage all students to develop and maintain a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and acknowledge and advance their spiritual gifts. We believe that identifying and establishing each students spiritual gifts will allow them to present the gospel of Jesus not just in the words they speak but in the lifestyle they portray on a daily basis. We also try to have as much fun as possible such as taking trips to the beach and Wild Adventures and other places where teenagers can have a great time and also have a chance to make new friends in safe environments. By the time each teenager graduates High School it is my goal for each one of them to have invited Jesus into their life, to have developed that relationship with Jesus to be the major aspect of their identity, and to be baptized in the Holy Spirit, operating fully in their spiritual gifts. What a wondrous joy it will be to see teenagers praying in the Spirit with their prayer language, laying their hands on people and seeing them healed of all types of illnesses, and prophesying all in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. If you want to explore all that Jesus has for you or if you’re a parent of a teenager and want to see them fully excel in Jesus then this is the place for you.